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User-Generated Content: Why It Matters and Five Ways to Utilize It

User Generated Content: Why It Matters and Five Ways to Utilize It

Chanell Alexander

Your company is producing more social media posts, blog articles, and email newsletters tailored to consumers than ever before. However, for some reason, these efforts are not creating as much boost in conversions as was initially expected.

Something seems to be missing, and user-generated content (UGC) may be the missing piece.

According to Stackla, 60% of people who participated in their 2017 Consumer Content Report said social media content from family and friends influenced their purchasing decisions. Content created by customers was also seen as the most authentic, and a significant draw for consumers.

User-generated content may be the answer to bringing more consumers into the fold. Here are five ways to better utilize UGC.


Feature Customer Reviews

What are users saying about products? Are they providing details about their experiences with services? If so, this is a great way to start sharing UGC. Including customer reviews on company landing pages, and email newsletters can build trust with consumers to hopefully increase conversions. 


According to a recent study conducted by TrustRadius, 76% of customers use reviews for the ‘discovery’ stage of finding new vendors, 69% use reviews for evaluation of a product and 43% place weight on reviews in actually selecting the software.

Not capitalizing on user reviews will clearly be a missed opportunity for your brand to be included in the very first step along the buyer's journey.


Encourage Customers to Talk About You on Social Media

Does a new product relate to a current trend? Is there a hashtag the company can exploit? Running a contest or encouraging a customer to share a photo of themselves using the product or service on social media lets potential customers know that others are willing to identify themselves with the company brand.

In an age where personal brands are such a carefully handled thing, this is significant.


Let Them Write for You

It would be appropriate to invite customers to submit a guest blog If someone has an excellent experience to share with the company’s product, or even wants to share their tips for using it.

Not only is this a way to receive an endorsement from a valued customer, but it also opens the company up to promotion for the blog post and company brand directly from the customer.


Let Customers Talk to One Another

This is a great idea for companies that may have more technical aspects to their product or service. Creating a forum for users to speak with one another to talk about strategies, support, and tips can develop a community among users that creates a bond with the company.

This material can be used to create helpful case studies and best practice information that customers need.


Interact Directly with Users on Social Media

Are customers bringing their questions and complaints to social media? Monitoring social media outlets where the company is active is a perfect way to show how awesome the company is at bringing exemplary customer service, while also showing that customers are willing to have a dialogue with the company.

The way businesses interact with customers will be remembered, so this is an excellent way to put this on display.


The Wrap Up 

UGC is making waves in how consumers make purchasing decisions. Fifty percent of millennials will take a look at UGC before making big purchases. According to Shopify, UGC-based ads have click-through rates four times the average, and a 50 percent drop in cost per click.

The evidence shows that UGC is something marketers need to spend an extra amount of time investing in.



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