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Plumbing Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Plumber Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business and Get More Customers

Among the many challenges you face as a plumbing business owner, acquiring customers is probably your biggest one.

Many plumbing companies find it challenging to attract, capture and convert leads into customers. This is where plumbing marketing strategies help to build your brand’s reputation and enable you to learn more about your customers.

With the right marketing strategies for your local plumbing business, you can increase your revenue and become the top plumber in your city in no time.

But what are the top plumbing marketing strategies to learn about so you can start promoting your plumbing business right away?

In this guide, we talk about different plumbing marketing ideas that will boost your sales and grow your business.

Plumbing Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

  1. Update Your Plumbing Website
  2. Optimize Your Website for Local Search
  3. Build a Referral Program to Attract Customers
  4. Make the Most of Social Media

1. Update Your Plumbing Website

Regularly updating the content and design of your website can improve traffic and generate more online leads.

There are multiple benefits of a small business website, including the opportunity to establish your reputation and build credibility in your neighborhood.

Think about it. If you want to be known as the top plumbing company in your town, then you need to have a strong website that reinforces that perception.

A lot of homeowners, landlords and building managers will look up your website quickly on their phones to vet you and ensure that you can fulfill their needs.

Your website is the biggest touchpoint potential customers have to decide if you’re the right plumber for them.

They’ll use your website to determine if you have the plumbing expertise they require, a positive customer-service reputation and a friendly & professional brand.

And a strong website can generate plumbing leads if you implement an easy way for visitors to contact you or to book an appointment. 

There are lots of factors to take into account when you build a lead-generation website for your plumbing business.

How can you optimize your plumbing website to win more sales from local customers?

Banner image for lead-generation websites for a plumbing business to improve their marketing strategies.

Update Website Security

It always helps to start with low-hanging fruit. Make sure your website is encrypted.

It might be a small additional cost from your website’s hosting provider, but Google recommends all websites use encryption for better search rankings nonetheless.

Add Fresh Content

Ensure you update your website content to meet people’s needs.

Do you have an FAQ section about your plumbing services?

Does the messaging on your homepage clearly state the scope of your services and the benefits customers can expect?

Does your content persuade visitors to choose you over your competitors?

Improve the User Experience

What is user experience for a plumbing website? It means having a website that does more than look nice but offers the right messages and opportunities for website visitors to take action.

According to Wes McDowell of The Profitable Website podcast in his tips on how to create a small business website, put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a great user experience.

For example, ensure your webpages demonstrate the significance of your value propositions and create a digestible structure for website navigation.

Don’t simply say “We’ve been in business for 20 years” but also explain the importance. How many happy customers have you had in that time and what experiences have you learned?

And lay out copy in an organized structure. Don’t rely on long paragraphs. Introduce who you are and what you do, the benefits you’ll provide and testimonials to show your reputation.

Add New Landing Pages

It’s important to indicate right away on your homepage all the reasons why your plumbing company suits your website visitors’ needs and desires.

But you can capture a lot of additional potential customers with unique landing pages targeting specific queries or sales campaigns.

For instance, educational content about plumbing needs helps target people who might need a plumber but they’re unsure. Maybe publish content about what to do with a leaky hot-water tank!

Show Off Your Customer Reviews

Adding customer reviews to your website is a great social proof example to win more sales and grow your business.

Social proof is using items like reviews and testimonials to “prove” to your potential customers that your plumbing business is the real deal and that you can back up your reputation.

When people need to fix a leaky faucet or replace the plumbing in their bathtub, they want someone reliable for the job.

If they see happy feedback from past customers pop up on your website, it will help put their minds at ease.

2. Optimize Your Website For Local Search

Once you update your website, optimize it for your local area to attract potential customers to your website in the first place!

Leveraging search-engine optimization (SEO) by updating website content  based on all relevant keywords will help people find your business when they search for plumbers online.

Investing in local SEO will help you rank higher on Google and make it easier for people close to your location to find you and avail of your services.

Here’s how you can optimize your website for search engines:

  • Improve your content according to local search data and add relevant keywords.
  • Claim and optimize Google My Business.
  • Edit the metadata on your website for local search. This includes updating the metadescriptions and title tags of your webpages, which are what customers see on search-engine listings.
  • Optimize all header tags, including H1s and H2s. These are the headlines above sentences and paragraphs of your website copy and they’re very instructive to Google when determining search-engine rankings.

3. Build a Referral Program to Attract Customers

Referral marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective marketing techniques to grow your plumbing company.

What are the benefits of referral marketing for small business?

By encouraging customers to refer friends when they need a plumber, you create loyalty, spark shareable recommendations on social media and efficiently generate new revenue!

Simply put, if you build and run a successful referral marketing program, you can leverage your existing customers to help you grow your business.

As you incentivize your customers for referrals, they will do the leg work for you and find you new customers from your target audience.

Moreover, referred leads tend to convert at a much higher rate than cold leads because they already trust your reputation from their friend.

Some common incentives offered in referral programs include:

  • Special discounts on services
  • Additional services free of cost
  • Special combo services at discounted prices

A successful referral program helps you reap the benefits of positive word-of-mouth and build your brand’s reputation.

You can then use reputation marketing to promote customer reviews online and show off your reputation to generate referral revenue without any overhead costs of a formal referral program!

4. Make the Most of Social Media

If you're not using social media marketing to grow your plumbing business, then you’re missing out.

Posting on social media enables you to engage with customers and build a strong relationship with them. With these touchpoints, you can win their trust and learn more about their plumbing needs.

Furthermore, building a presence on social media increases your brand awareness and solidifies your reputation.

But how can you create social media posts if you’re a local plumbing company? There are lots of ideas that can work to help you build a following or even just generate a viral post:

  • Publish regular posts on social media about tips for common plumbing issues and make a series about them to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Use Instagram Stories for small business and create time-lapsed videos of your employees working on a unique project or post before-and-after photos.
  • Share reviews on Instagram to amplify positive feedback from customers and get your company name on people’s minds for when they’ll need a plumber one day.

Don’t overlook social media and assume it’s only for large corporations. Small businesses might not see an ROI overnight, but it can separate you from your competition over time if done right.

Use Plumbing Marketing Strategies to Get More Reviews and Grow Your Business

As a small business owner, make the most of these plumbing marketing strategies to grow your business and increase customer engagement.

You can improve your brand’s reputation and stay ahead of the local competition by executing some of the plumbing marketing ideas mentioned above.

And by leveraging the right marketing strategies for your plumbing business, you can scale your revenue and build your customer base to get more reviews and dominate your neighborhood.

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