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Master Pro Clean Sees Reviews Skyrocket In One Month

Master Pro Clean is the only family-owned cleaning business in Central Oregon, something they take very seriously. Getting reviews on a consistent basis from customers proved to be a challenge though, something NiceJob has solved for them.

The Challenge

For more than three years, the team has included manual emails and follow up with their customers as part of their workflow, asking for reviews once a job was completed. The effort this process required and the inconsistent responses and results in the form of reviews made it costly for the Master Pro Clean team.

Michael had been looking at a couple different options for review management and automation but fell in love with the way NiceJob integrates photos into the process, from review invite, through to fresh social media and website content. Hearing from a couple colleagues who use NiceJob as well sealed the deal.

How NiceJob helped

Since signing up with NiceJob, Master Pro Clean has seen a 113% increase in reviews in just a few months. While it hasn’t saved the team too much time to send the review requests as the team carefully makes a point of including a series of photos with every request sent, Michael says the return on investment is definitely higher.

“The more robust process, stronger calls to action, and integration with ResponsiBid, so no double data entry, makes this a win.”

He particularly loves the most recent updates and all the help Mark and Lars on the NiceJob team gave to make sure NiceJob’s stories widget displayed correctly on the Master Pro Clean website.

“The ease of use and the efficacy of the software is great, and using it has helped place Master Pro Clean above our competitors by strengthening our brand and image for present and future customers."

“You can't argue with these results.”- Michael, Master Pro Services

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