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Introducing NiceJob’s Black Friday Sale to Get More Reviews

Black Friday: 50% Off Reputation Marketing

Yes, Black Friday is finally here, and it’s happening at NiceJob.

NiceJob Black Friday sale for reputation marketing.

The time has come for your business to become the top-rated service provider in your region, get customer reviews and get the reputation you deserve.

Starting today, for a limited time, NiceJob is offering a 50% discount for four months on all products and services for both new and existing customers—that’s right, for everybody.

We’ve never done a deal this big before, but 2021 has shown the resiliency of small business owners. You deserve all the help you can get to overcome a challenging year.

So we’re here to provide support any way we can. 

We want NiceJob to help you take your reputation marketing game to the next level. So, what is reputation marketing?

Simply put, reputation marketing is all about using your customer reviews and testimonials to promote your company.

With NiceJob’s reputation marketing software, you can not only get more five-star reviews, but also the tools to leverage those reviews to power your marketing campaigns and generate more leads.

How to Grow Your Small Business Reputation this Black Friday

Imagine what you can do with 50% off for four months! Here’s a taste:

  • Half off our Reviews product and upgrades for four months to 3x your online reviews.
  • Half off Convert websites (excluding one-time setup fees), additional landing pages and CMS collections for four months to boost lead-generation rates by 10%—guaranteed!
  • Oh, and if you want to refer a friend, don’t worry: you’ll still get 100% of your cashback reward while your friend enjoys 50% off.

At NiceJob, we want to make it easy for you to ask for Google reviews, get Facebook reviews and even turn positive stories into Instagram reviews.

NiceJob is designed to help local businesses collect positive online reviews, share their reviews across your website & social media and promote your company’s reputation.

To get your 50% deal, click here or sign up anywhere on our website.

At the end of the day, we’re focused on helping you grow your business.

That’s why we also offer highly effective websites, optimized for search engines and designed to turn your website visitors into paying customers.

It’s a complete package. That’s what makes reputation marketing with NiceJob so powerful.

So if you’re ready to become top-rated and dominate your neighborhood, today is the day! Sign up with NiceJob and take advantage of our Black Friday offer!

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