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How to Win at Local Sales: Local Services by Google

Local Services by Google

When it comes to attracting business online, a strong presence on Google is a must. Google already helps many NiceJob customers with reviews and web rankings, but the search engine is now also offering a sales tool to directly target local customers. Keywords relevant to the ads will typically trigger Local Services, which appear in web and mobile searches above Google Adwords and the Google map 3-pack.

You're the boss, and Google Local Services is your personal local salesman, targeting relevant customers in your area.

 "Get local customers who are looking for the services you offer"

Google targets local ads to the right customer. You provide the tool with what services you offer and the service location. Then you set the parameters:

  1. You set the budget. How many customers do you want per week? Once your range is defined, you only pay when a customer calls or messages you through the ad. Essentially, you only pay when it generates a lead.

     2. You control your calendar. With the easy call to action on the ads, customers a            will be calling or messaging you directly from the ad. You can easily schedule            bookings- filling up your calendar!

Why Reviews are Vital on Local Service Ads

The key to having your ads stand out is the credibility lent from your Google star ratings. Local Service ads appear on Google search results, so interested customers can find you right away. When they see your ad, they will immediately see your star rating and your location- a powerful incentive for them to click on your ad and book with you. Companies that maintain high reviews and have strong local brand awareness will benefit the most from this quick ad format.

In Summary

Local Services by Google makes it easier for businesses to target local customers. The higher the number of reviews and star ratings, the better your online review presence, and the more likely the customer will be to click on your ad. Essentially, Google Local Services is your salesman and your Google star reviews are your selling point. Local credibility through reviews are clearly worth their weight to a local business.

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