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Google Reviews Have Returned on Google My Business

How'd you feel when Google paused publishing reviews?

😥 🤯 😳 😬

Yeah, us to.

During the delay we suggested some methods to build up our reviews on other important channels, like Facebook reviews. But, considering just how important Google reviews are to every business, we have been actively tracking the return of Google publishing reviews.

That time has come!

When we first reported that Google Reviews and replies are available again we started to see recently left reviews post, but not the backlog.

This week we began to see an influx of reviews posting to Google that have been left over the past couple weeks!

Understandably, you might have some questions about your reviews, and we're going to try and answer them here.

So, what does this mean for your Google Reviews?

First, it's important to understand that Google didn't stop letting people write reviews. They just stopped publishing the reviews that your customers left.

So, in all likelihood, customers left you reviews and you just haven't seen them yet!

Google has not stated any timelines concerning when certain industries or regions will see reviews posted.

So when will my customer reviews get published?

Google indicated that this will happen gradually and will be rolled out by country and business category.

There have been some businesses that have seen a consistent slow stream of reviews posting, while others have seen published reviews en masse.

There's no definite word on how long that process will take yet.

Some of my reviews were published, but it seems Google My Business is showing an inaccurate review count?

From time to time, Google adjusts the algorithm of what is considered a quality, valid review.

In order to work through the backlog of reviews, we suspect a change in the algorithm may be flagging some previous reviews for manual approval.

Google has not announced any recent algorithm changes publicly, so we cannot confirm this is what causes the discrepancy.  

Another possibility is that there are times where your Google My Business review count will take time to update, even if a review is visible.

Rest assured, that reviews pulled into your NiceJob app will not disappear once they have been collected, even if Google removes them or the customer leaving the review deletes it from Google My Business.

Will I see any delay in my reviews being pulled into NiceJob?

Typically, all reviews published to Google will instantly collect in NiceJob. With the mass publishing of delayed reviews we’ve encountered some rare cases in which a review was not being collected instantly, but rather within 24 hours.

Your NiceJob app is continuously looking for new reviews posted across all platforms.

If you noticed a review has not been collected in NiceJob after a 24 hour period, message us in the blue chat bubble and we can take a look at your account.

How will this affect my auto-sharing on NiceJob?

If you're taking advantage of the auto-sharing feature on NiceJob, three published Google reviews per day can automatically post.

These reviews must feature a rating that meets the minimum threshold in your settings.

These posts will be spaced out during the day to not lead to posting too quickly.

All reviews will be available for sharing manually within the NiceJob app.

Can I reply to Google reviews again? 

Yes! Review replies are now available again in your Google my Business page.

Is there anything I need to do to start collecting Google Reviews again?

If you're already using NiceJob to collect Google Reviews, and you have the Optimize Reviews option turned on, we'll automatically start prioritizing Google Reviews again, nothing else you need to do.

If you're not using NiceJob yet, here's some great tips on how to get more Google reviews.

Welcome back Google Reviews, we missed you!

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