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Fall 2020 NiceJob Rated Award Winners for Community Impact

The most challenging scavenger hunt in the world would be to find a single person who was not impacted by COVID-19.

This pandemic rocked our world in more ways than we can count, and yet there are businesses out there that chose to lead with heart and compassion through it all.

We are humbled and honored to present the winners of the NiceJob Rated Award for Community Impact, Fall 2020.

This is a special edition of the NiceJob Rated Award that specifically recognizes businesses that worked to support their communities throughout the pandemic.

After pouring through the nominations, we have selected ten winners and you’ll quickly see the positive impact they’ve made on their communities. It is nothing shy of incredible work.

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 cohort and thank you for everything you’ve done to uplift those around you.

10 Winners for the Fall 2020 NiceJob Rated Award

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

When COVID-19 hit, Arvizu Commercial Cleaning also took a hit.

When customers started to feel uncomfortable inviting the cleaning company into their homes, Arvizu Commercial Cleaning leaned in and figured out how they could help people.

There were customers who weren’t comfortable having us in their home, but that wasn’t the moment when I thought 'forget them'; this was a moment when I could help them.” - Melissa Arvizu, Owner, Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

This is when the Arvizu team started offering to drop off cleaning supplies and other household needs, like groceries, especially to older individuals in their community.

Bay Shore Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Tom Donner is a staunch supporter of his community. He was a volunteer firefighter for 16 years, he supports local PTAs & radiothons and raises money for fallen police officers annually.

When COVID-19 hit his community, he did what he always does and stepped up to support.

Bay Shore Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning started donating masks, goggles and gloves to local organizations like nurseries, schools and to anyone with ill family members.

It wasn’t hard to make the donations, we had the ability to do it and it wasn’t hard to make the sacrifice. Giving back to the community isn’t about business, it’s about being part of the community. I believe in lifting up my neighbors.” - Tom Donner, Owner, Bay Shore Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Dan the Window Man

When the lockdown happened in Ontario, Canada, Dan the Window Man transitioned their business to support grocery stores.

Each day before dawn, the team cleaned and disinfected grocery carts and baskets to Health Canada's COVID-19 guidelines with their pressure washing system, providing a baseline that could be maintained by grocery store staff.

Dwell Care

Dwell Care knows firsthand what caring for a community looks like, but when COVID-19 hit Portland, they knew that many people were struggling to get basic necessities.

The Dwell Care team volunteered on evenings and weekends to deliver groceries & prescriptions and dog-walk for elderly people & older adults with compromised immune systems. And they did it all for free.

“It was frightening for so many older adults. It shook me—the fact that there are so many people in our area locked in their homes and not able to get the food they need or their prescriptions. I felt it was our duty to step up.” - Ally Stasyuk, Care Manager, Dwell Care

Martino Cartier

Besides running one of the top salons in the U.S. and providing wigs to women and children battling cancer through his charitable foundation, Martino Cartier wanted to support the 2020 graduating class after COVID-19.

By rallying the business community of Washington Township, the senior class received gift cards, meals and keepsakes to celebrate. Martino also honored school staff in Washington Township for their sacrifices.

"I had the opportunity to change the lives of nearly 1,000 graduates who were robbed the gift of prom, senior trip and saying goodbye to their teachers. I also had the gift of giving over 900 teachers a bouquet of roses. And that happened because of an army of volunteers who realized the value of giving back." - Martino Cartier

Rug'It Cleaning

The team at Rug'It Cleaning believe in serving their community. Annually, they give about 300 or more hours of their time to help those in need.

So when COVID-19 impacted Signal Hill, California, they went to work supporting anyone who needed it.

They started delivering ten boxes of groceries every week to seniors in need before partnering with other local businesses and World Central Kitchen to help deliver 23,000 meals citywide over the course of 12 weeks.

“Even in the midst of COVID-19, we’ve been able to do what’s true to us, which is to be of service. When we started this business, we wanted to be good at what we do and be of service.” - Mariela Salgado, Owner, Rug'It Cleaning

Solar Gard

Solar Gard pivoted their manufacturing operations from window films and protective coatings to face shields for local healthcare workers on the front lines of battling COVID-19.

They provided protective face shields to hospitals and first responders in San Diego.

Photo of hospital workers wearing faceguards provided by Solar Gard.
Photo credit: Solar Gard
“You start to be concerned about everything in life, going outside and even your neighbors. That desire to help your neighbors comes into the workplace and realizing that we have an opportunity to help the greater good and particularly those on the frontline. Some of the creative people on our team put together a plan and started to make it work.” - Kendall Combs, General Manager, Solar Gard

Stio's Water Ice & Ice Cream

As a surprise campaign for local businesses, Stio’s Water Ice & Ice Cream sprinkle a little joy around their hometown.

It’s been called “Random Acts of Coolness”—they show up to provide frozen treats to business owners who have been grinding through the pandemic.

Stio’s shut their storefront due to limited room for social distancing but is determined to continue to spread positivity and keep their family legacy alive.

Screenshot of a video posting about Stio's Water Ice & Ice Cream delivering frozen treats.
"We didn't do it for recognition, we did this solely to make some type of brightness during these tough months and to help people know that all their hard work didn't go unrecognized. We're a "mom and pop" type of shop. Your community is your customer base, but they also become like family. We try to help wherever it is we can, so people know the Stio name in the community not just a business, but people who care about the community we've lived in for the past 21 years." - Nick Stio, Co-Owner, Stio's Water Ice & Ice Cream

Superb Maids

Superb Maids is no stranger to community trauma. In 2017, after the Mandalay Bay shooting in their hometown of Las Vegas, Superb Maids cleaned first responders’ homes to help the community heal.

When COVID-19 took hold, Superb Maids owner, Elena Ledoux, felt they were in the midst of another community trauma and sprung into action.

Superb Maids delivered necessities for a local non-profit sheltering abused children, sanitized & cleaned homes for nurses self-isolating from their families and offered a sanitized grocery & necessities delivery service.

“To be scared of bringing COVID-19 inside and afraid to go outside, it’s awful. So I started searching for ways to help people, to get groceries and supplies to people. I figured we have employees obsessed with hygiene and are already a mobile service. And we did it how I would want someone to deliver groceries to my parents. And if they couldn’t afford it, we would do it for free.” - Elena Ledoux, Owner, Superb Maids

Touching Hearts at Home

Touching Hearts at Home provides in-home care for seniors and adults with disabilities, so they know how impactful COVID-19 was and still is to those who are elderly or with compromised immune systems.

Fortunately, they saw this as an opportunity to create a positive impact in their community and managed to support the seniors of Gainesville, Florida in a variety of ways.

“We’re big believers in community service. We came up with quite a few programs. I’m pretty proud.” - Christina Ramos, Community Care Advocate, Touching Hearts at Home

Beyond creating a meal program for seniors and delivering lunches to hospitals, they created “Touch a Senior’s Heart” to collect greeting cards and heartfelt messages of support for seniors in assisted-living communities.

They also held a parade for seniors and healthcare heroes, which featured over 30 decorated vehicles that drove to 12 assisted-living communities to thank healthcare heroes during Nurses Week.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Fall 2020 NiceJob Rated Award for Community Impact and a gigantic THANK YOU for everything you have done to support your communities through this challenging year.

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