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Black Friday Tips for Service-Based Small Businesses in 2021

Small Business Black Friday Marketing Strategy for 2021

Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to retail companies.

Many small businesses are slowly realizing that their local services are of value to customers during the holiday season.

So creating a holiday campaign is an easy win to set yourself apart from the competition and provide an instant revenue bump.

But what sales campaigns should you come up with for Black Friday as a small business? And how can you promote a Black Friday deal?

In this article I’ll talk about why a Black Friday campaign could benefit you and what kinds of ideas you can implement for success.

Why Your Small Business Should Care About Black Friday

Small, local businesses often struggle to figure out where to start on Black Friday.

The holiday is often thought of as a dream day for large retail corporations or, along with its cousin Cyber Monday, an ecommerce bonanza.

Small Business Saturday has taken off in recent years to encourage people to shop local, but it’s geared towards brick-and-mortar stores, so it’s only helpful for retail locations.

What are some of the common reasons small businesses don’t rely on Black Friday?

Many local service businesses, from appliance repair to window cleaning, worry that they don’t have the budgets to compete with big retailers for people’s attention.

Others think that they’d have to offer such low prices that they won’t make a profit.

And some just believe that it’s not for them.

But ignoring Black Friday could be a huge missed opportunity for your small business. Why?

Let’s consider a few things about Black Friday marketing for small business:

  • You can make a profit. Customers buy your reputation before anything else. Small businesses that only compete on price can’t grow.
  • Large retail companies don’t do what you do. Your services are unique. As long as you communicate a benefit to people, you won’t have to compete for attention.
  • The Black Friday weekend can be very busy for service businesses. By offering a unique deal, you stand out from competitors that do provide a similar service.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

How Black Friday Is Busy for Local Service Businesses

Black Friday can be hectic for plumbers after the amount of food that goes down a kitchen-sink drain on Thanksgiving.

Many families will want to enquire about house cleaners to help keep their homes as safely clean as possible for their limited, pandemic-approved get-togethers.

And service businesses of all types are in a unique position to extend empathy to customers to help make their Thanksgiving as stress-free as possible.

By positioning your Black Friday offer as a lending hand during trying times, you have the opportunity to help make a difference while setting yourself apart.

4 Tips for Black Friday Marketing

So how can your business show empathy and provide an amazing offer that both grows your company and creates a customer for life?

These tips are handy not just around Thanksgiving but during the whole Cyber Monday week that follows.

Even just pitching add-on services over the phone and on your website for the months of Nov. and Dec. are low-hanging fruit ways to increase your revenue quickly!

We’ve got Black Friday marketing tips for small businesses to really grow your sales!

1. Offer Free Add-Ons or Bundled Services

Consider this: You own a local HVAC company and many homeowners will likely find interest in a complimentary purification of their home’s air ducts.

Offer a free add-on to your main services for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that provides real value to help people who are dealing with real circumstances.

You could also bundle services together to create a unique package deal that you can brand as a Black Friday special. Now all of a sudden you’re selling a brand instead of a price drop.

2. Communicate Empathy in Your Marketing

Aim for sincerity. Don’t hide the fact that you’re trying to make a buck. But also be upfront about your intentions.

If you’re offering 20% off for one week only, avoid messaging that makes it sound like it’s only a convenient cash grab for you.

Show that the 20% off is intentional and meaningful. You’re not pitching a tacky clearance sale. You’re trying to help people.

Understand your customers’ pain points and communicate that 20% offer is there for them.

In other words, don’t sell 20% off—sell a stress-free solution to people's problems.

3. Don’t Forget About Social Media

Many people will have time off of work during the days surrounding Black Friday.

That means more free time to browse through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Push your Black Friday sale hard on social to local audiences. Be bold and sincere when crafting the messaging and make your ads “pop.”

Remember, screenshots of customer reviews are great examples of reputation marketing to help your promotion get some real traction.

4. Create Your Own “Michael Scott Coupon for Unparalleled Customer Service”

Small business marketing strategy with Michael Scott.

Ask Michael Scott from The Office what the success to business is and he’ll tell you it’s all about relationships.

And you know what? He might be on to something….

Remember the customer-appreciation pancake breakfast? The Willy Wonka-inspired promotion for those who find a golden ticket?

How about the “Unparalleled Customer Service” coupons?

During the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, you don’t even have to offer any crazy drops in your price points.

Remember, in stressful times, people appreciate helping hands and sincere gestures.

When you aim for an 11-star review instead of a 5-star review, you’ll do more than make a Black Friday sale. You’ll open the door for retention and upsell revenues for years ahead.

And it’s this last tip that’s really the key.

That’s why at NiceJob, we want to help you succeed. Because your customers aren’t the only ones going through challenging times...everyone is.

Anything you can do to get ahead and help build your company reputation is essential for offering that 11-star service.

That’s why at NiceJob, we build a lead-generation website for businesses to increase your online conversion rate of visitors to leads by 10% within three months—or you get it for free.

And with our Black Friday Sale, if you sign up for a Convert website, you'll also enjoy 50% off for four months!

We call them Convert sites because we design them specifically to convert your website users into business leads to help you grow.

Convert websites by NiceJob to have a lead-gen website for your business.

Now go out, offer your amazing service and get some well-deserved customer reviews!

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