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Best Black Friday Deals for Small Business & Service Companies

NiceJob Presents Amazing Black Friday Savings for Small Businesses

Today’s the day! Black Friday. And gosh do we have a set of deals for you!

If you are a small business owner, 2020 has been one heck of a stressful year. At NiceJob, we want to do everything we can to help.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday deals for small businesses and field-service companies within the NiceJob community.

So now you don’t have to spend anymore time searching.

Without further ado, let’s hit the ground running!

Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses: The Ultimate List

Let’s jump right into it so your business can start 2021 off with a bang!

We’ve divided them into categories and given some helpful descriptions of each offer so you know exactly what to look for and which deals & services you can use right away.

Sales Enablement Black Friday deal for small business.

You’re busy. We get it. And so does

That’s why they’ve developed a service to provide live, remote agents and AI-powered chats to drive sales, qualify leads and communicate with your prospects. It’s that easy.

For a limited time, save 50% for two months by using the code SMITH50OFF2MO.

Click here to redeem this offer.


ResponsiBid Black Friday deal for small business.

For many customers, buying home services can be complex. They go to a company’s website looking for a quote, only to turn away when they find out they have to wait.

ResponsiBid simplifies everything, enabling instant job-quoting directly on your website!

For Black Friday, they’re offering 50% off their Ultimate Package for three months.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Business Operations


CompanyCam Black Friday deal for small business.

CompanyCam is an innovative software for field-service businesses to snap, annotate, save and share photos of jobs to improve efficiency and reduce communication bottlenecks.

Exclusively through NiceJob, for Black Friday you can receive a 14-day free trial and 50% off for three months after your trial ends.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Pink Callers

Pink Callers Black Friday deal for small business.

Customer service is essential to grow your home service company. But when you’re running a small business, time is of the essence and you can’t be everywhere at once.

Pink Callers offers remote “rockstar” customer-service agents so you can focus on doing what you do best: building your company and your reputation.

For a limited time, Pink Callers is discounting their onboarding fee by 50%—a $499 value!

Click here to redeem this offer.


VivaHR Black Friday deal for small business.

We know it’s always a challenge to find good employees.

VivaHR makes it easy by automating and streamlining the process of posting new jobs. They publish your job posts to 50+ job sites in just one click.

For a limited time, you can save 83% on their most popular plan. Not too shabby!

Click here to redeem this offer.

Jill’s Office

Jill's Office Black Friday deal for small business.

We all know how time-consuming it can be to single-handedly deal to all customer enquiries, especially on the fly as they come in.

Jill’s Office and their virtual receptionists for small businesses are here to help, promising a lasting impression on every call!

For Black Friday, enjoy 25% off until Nov. 30 for your first three months!

Click here to redeem this offer.

Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software Black Friday deal for small business.

Quality Driven Software is a well-recognized Customer Service software to automate customer surveys, track customer issues, manage employee performance and more.

And now company founder, Martha Woodward, wants to help you succeed even more with business development.

She’s offering a special program called Culture First so you can master the art of creating—and sustaining—an amazing work culture at your small business.

For a limited time, if you sign up for any Quality Driven Software package, you’ll get two free months of membership in Culture First.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Field Service Management Software 


ServiceMonster Black Friday deal for small business.

Need to manage your business operations all in one place? ServiceMonster has you covered with their all-in-one software for home-service and cleaning companies.

And they’re going a step further with their massive virtual conference for business development: The ServiceMonster Cleaning Symposium!

This virtual business conference will help you grow and accelerate your business.

Use the code nicejob to get 20% off your ticket until Nov. 30! (Or you can get a free ticket with a new ServiceMonster subscription.)

Click here to redeem this offer.


Workiz Black Friday deal for small business.

When you own and manage a field-service company, you probably find yourself juggling a lot of things. From scheduling jobs to managing employees, sometimes it never seems to end.

Workiz is here to help. Their slogan after all is “workiz easy!”

Their software empowers you to manage field-service jobs, inventory, pricing, employees and more, all in one convenient spot.

Exclusively via NiceJob, you can now enjoy 30% off your first three months. We’re here to help too!

You'll also enjoy a $50 gift card from DEWALT, free onboarding and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Business Development & Improvement

Service Moxie

Service Moxie Black Friday deal for small business.

As Service Moxie says, “you’re tough, but running your home service business doesn’t have to be.”

Service Moxie provides a variety of easy-to-use tools to help with everything from lead-gen and employee motivation to sales education and financial budgeting.

Now they’re offering a suite of master classes to teach business-development skills and tips for small companies to take their operations to the next level.

Simply use the coupon code FRIDAY to receive 75% off until Dec. 4! 

Click here to redeem this offer.

Automate Grow Sell

Automate Grow Sell Black Friday deal for small business.

Is your business growth stuck in a rut and not really growing at all?

Automate Grow Sell is a bootcamp and training program designed to provide the advice and actionable insights small businesses need to conquer their growth challenges,

They’re offering 50% off select online courses throughout the Black Friday shopping period to help you seize the day.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Rescue My Maid Service

Rescue My Maid Service Black Friday deal for smll business.

Does your cleaning company need rescuing?

Fear not, because Rescue My Maid Service is here! They provide business audits, email marketing, automated-hiring assistance and education to motivate you and your employees!

For their Black Friday sale until Dec. 31, they’re offering a whopping $1,000 off their Digital Systems Bootcamp with the code BFDSB2020!

Click here to redeem this offer.

Home Service Business Coach

Home Service Business Coach Black Friday deal for small business.

Home Service Business Coach is dedicated to helping small business owners who operate home service companies optimize their operations for ultimate effectiveness and efficacy.

Learn the marketing, sales and production skills to grow your business to new heights, with a team in place to run things smoothly with the Home Service Playbook at 20% off.

Click here to redeem this offer.

Create a Lead-Generation Website with NiceJob

With Black Friday madness—or business madness in general—don't forget to always be optimizing your company's digital infrastructure to grow your operations and revenue.

At NiceJob, we're proud to offer a lead-generation website for small businesses that will increase your website's lead-gen rate by 10% within three months—or it's free!

Convert lead-gen website from NiceJob.

That’s right, we want you to get the reputation you deserve and become masters at reputation marketing so you can become the go-to service provider in your region.

And with an awesome company website on your side, we think you can be on your way to dominating your neighborhood!

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